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Make A Lasting Change

Making a change in your life isn’t always easy, but it can be done with guidance, accountability, and support. 

That’s how we can help you! 

We understand that whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit, tone up, or, get stronger you want those changes to last. And while it won’t happen overnight with a dedicated personal trainer who walks along side you, your journey becomes easier. 

We take a wholistic approach to your training so together we can achieve your goals.

There are three main areas that we focus on. They are…

Mobility & Movement

All programs start with a movement screen to identify areas where movement patterns and mobility are limited and if there is any pain associated with movement.

By improving your mobility and movement you reduce the risk of injury, pain, and discomfort while improving your ability to complete daily living activities, improve posture, balance, and stability


Building your strength is the basis of all our programs. Through improved strength you will benefit from improved body composition, bone density, muscle mass, joint health, functional fitness, weight management, metabolism, and posture. 


Nothing in life stands alone and your wellbeing is no different. Your wellbeing has a direct impact on your physical health and the improvements you are seeking.

Through our coaching services you will get to understand yourself better, why you do the things you do, how to overcome the challenges you face, what you can change and in turn build more consistency and resilience into your life that will stretch far beyond just your training.

Improving your wellbeing and benefiting from reduced stress, better moods, improved focus, better decisioning making, and greater productivity. 

How We Can Help You

At My Path Forward we offer Personal Training and Coaching that will help you transform your life. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried a hundred times before or if this is your first time to try and make a change in your life, we are here to support you on your journey. The only thing you need is the desire and willingness to make the change.

We have a range of services to help you on your fitness journey these include:

  • Personal Training
  • Semi Private PT
  • Group Fitness
  • Life Coaching 
  • Disc Profiles

To find out more about our services go to the Services page. 

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“Before training with Tamara, I’d had countless trainers with no real change or enjoyment in working towards a healthy lifestyle. Tamara is not your normal personal trainer, she works from a whole person approach.

Tamara works with you through the mental struggles, the emotional baggage that you didn’t know about, the physical and everything inbetween.

Results don’t happen overnight but by God I have gained such a happier view of myself and actually enjoy the healthy version of me since working with Tamara”

William K

“We had an amazing experience with Tamara. She displayed an outstanding level of friendliness and consideration towards our needs. She took the time to genuinely understand our fitness goals and limitations, customizing each session to meet our specific requirements. With her expertise and genuine care, she not only guided us but also helped us create our own workout routine to continue gym sessions independently. We highly recommend her to anyone searching for a personal trainer who genuinely prioritizes their clients’ well-being.”

Piyal P

“My PT Tamara is fantastic and her commitment, flexibility towards her clients are next level.

You all should go and see the difference!

Your life will be better.”

Piumi A