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Make A Lasting Change

Making a change in your life isn’t always easy, but it can be done with guidance, accountability, and support. That’s how Tamara helps you. 

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit, tone up, or, get stronger we are there for you on your journey. While it won’t happen overnight with a dedicated personal trainer who walks along side of you, you’ll be seeing results in no time. 

There are three areas that Tamara focuses on when working with someone are…

Mobility & Movement

By improving your mobility and movement you reduce the risk of injury, pain, and discomfort while improving your ability to complete daily living activities, improve posture, balance, and stability


Improving your strength has lots of benefits for you including improving bone density, muscle mass, joint health, functional fitness, weight management, metabolism, and posture. 


Improving your wellbeing will provide you with benefits including reduced stress, better moods, improve focuse, decisioning making, resilience, and productivity. 

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What We Offer

Tamara takes a wholistic approach to health and fitness and wants to help people to make a lasting sustainable change to their life for the better. She does this through…

Personal Training

1:1 personal training sessions are conducted in person at Snap Fitness Penrith or online. 

Personal training sessions are tailored to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Training Programs

Online training programs tailored to your fitness goals that you can follow either at home or in the gym. 

Health Coaching

There are many reasons that people don’t stick to their exercise routines and most have nothing to do with the exercise itself. Health coaching helps you to uncover what’s getting in the way and working through it to get better results for your health. 

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Customised Programs

All programs are customised to your personal needs, availability, and fitness goals

“We had an amazing experience with Tamara. She displayed an outstanding level of friendliness and consideration towards our needs. She took the time to genuinely understand our fitness goals and limitations, customizing each session to meet our specific requirements. With her expertise and genuine care, she not only guided us but also helped us create our own workout routine to continue gym sessions independently. We highly recommend her to anyone searching for a personal trainer who genuinely prioritizes their clients’ well-being.”

Piyal P

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