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Our Specialties

We provide customised training for running, weight/fat loss, strength, pre and post-natal exercise, and improving sports performance

Run Training

Whether you’re taking your first steps or have been running for years, our run training caters for all levels. Join us to experience the joy of progress, no matter where your running adventure begins.

Strength & Fat Loss

Our tailored strength and fat loss training combine strength training to build lean muscle and targeted fat loss strategies. You’ll cultivate strength that radiates confidence while efficiently shedding excess fat. 

Pre & Post-Natal Exercise

Whether you’re embarking on your fitness journey for the first time or continuing your routine during and after pregnancy, it’s important that you exercise safely and effectively. We specialise in providing programs that consider your unique needs at each stage of your journey. 

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Featured Services

Make it easy for you to start and stick to a workout program that is right for you. Our programs and personal training sessions are personalised to your needs and fitness goals, so you can reach your goals sooner and maintain the results. 

Personal Training

Individual or small group customised personal training in gym or online. 

Training Program

A personalised training program can help you reach your fitness goals sooner. It can be paired with personal training or by itself. 

Group Classes

Building Stronger Bodies

Building a stronger body isn’t just about physical prowess; it’s a transformative journey that impacts every facet of your life. It is an investment in long-term health. It safeguards you against the rigors of time and reduces the risk of common ailments that can arise as years pass.

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Customised Programs

All programs are customised to your personal needs, availability, and fitness goals

“We had an amazing experience with Tamara. She displayed an outstanding level of friendliness and consideration towards our needs. She took the time to genuinely understand our fitness goals and limitations, customizing each session to meet our specific requirements. With her expertise and genuine care, she not only guided us but also helped us create our own workout routine to continue gym sessions independently. We highly recommend her to anyone searching for a personal trainer who genuinely prioritizes their clients’ well-being.”

Piyal P

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