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Personal Training

Personal Training

Our one-on-one personal training sessions take into account your needs and fitness goals and are designed to accelerate your progress through personalised attention and expert guidance, so you can reach your goals faster. With our dedicated support, you gain the accountability needed to stay committed when you may otherwise give up. 

In each session we work with you to help ensure you are using the correct form and technique to help reduce injury risk and improve results.

Experience the benefits of customized workouts that help you achieve your goals faster, all while enjoying the confidence and motivation that come from having a professional trainer by your side. 

Semi Private PT

Our semi-private personal training sessions are held with a maximum group size of 5 people. There are a variety of classes to choose from and are only offered to our personal training & online training clients. These classes are face to face in the Snap Fitness Penrith gym. 

The classes focus on enhancing the training you are already doing in your personal training and online training programs to advance the training you are doing. 

Session sizes are kept to a minim to ensure everyone in the session has the ability to get feedback and gain the most from the session. 

Join in the sessions to supercharge your training, while benefiting from training in a supportive and inspiring environment. 

Running Group

Have you ever wanted to start running or improve your running?

Then join our running group. It doesn’t matter if you have never run before, we cater for all running levels and really embrace those who are beginning their running journey. 

Our beginner run program is a great way to start running and build up to a 5km distance. We include a strength program in our running programs to help build your body strong while also reducing the risk of injury. 

The running group meets in the Ron Mulock Oval in Penrith. Here you’ll join a group of like minded people who love to run!

Online Programming & PT

Our online programming and personal training allows you to workout at home or at your our gym in your own time. The online programming gives you a four week program that is tailored to your needs and fitness goals. You can choose whether your program in home or gym based. While the online personal training is complete via zoom where you can complete your training at hom and still have the support and guidance from your personal trainer while you train. 

All programs are designed for you and the equipment you have availble. You won’t need to buy any equipment to complete the program and exercises are determined based on your current level of fitness and ability.  


Health Coaching

Have you ever tried to stick to a fitness program before and struggled? You are not alone!

There are many reasons why someone finds it hard to stick to a program and the reasons will be different for each person. With health coaching you are able to dive in and work through the barriers and challenges we’ve been facing to give you a greater chance of success not only not but also for a change that will last. 

In your coaching sessions you will work with your trainer to take a wholistic approach to your training and the results you want to ensure that it will work for you and your family now and into the future. 

DISC Coaching

Whether you are looking at getting started with your running or improving your running, a running program can help you. Our wholistic running programs include both strength work and running to heave you running further, faster, and reducing your risk of injury. 

All programs are provided online with videos of each exercise provide so it is easy to follow, and best of all you can track you progress along the way.

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“Tamara is an incredible personal trainer. She is very patient and explains all the exercises with the reason why you complete each one. She has continued to push me through starting my gym routine and onwards. Highly recommended!”

Sarah M

“Tamara is amazing!! She has taught me so much, she is always able to answer any questions I have. I have noticed such a difference in my gym sessions and my progress since working with her. Could not recommend her enough!”

Emma D

“Tamara had a great approach to really understanding what I was trying to achieve with my training. Tamara is very knowledgeable, reliable and great with her follow up to keeping me accountable and on track. She always took a personal interest in not only my gym training but my overall well-being. I would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Kellie H