What I Love About Personal Training

It is funny that you can be so passionate about something until you try it out. There have been many things in my life that I have been eager for and then once I had experienced it, it was a definite no go.


The time I remember the most was when I was 8 I had been dying to go on a rollercoaster for a long time, though I was told I had to wait, until I was finally allowed to go on one. We were at the Canberra show and my older sister and I went on. I was so excited. Charging towards the line to go on the ride and even getting into the car. It wasn’t until we started going up the first steep hill ever so slowly and listening to my sister say repeatedly “I’m going to kill you” that fear started to creep in. Reaching the top of the hill and heading over the top as we dove down and I lost my stomach in my throat, I was done! That was it! I had no idea what I had signed up for and I didn’t ever want to go on a rollercoaster again.


I am happy to say it was not the same as when I started working as a personal trainer. I was eagerly excited to be leaving banking and starting to work in the fitness industry, and the eagerness to work each day has not died down.


There are so many things I love about being a personal trainer and here are the top few.


Early Mornings – This might sound strange to people who don’t love the mornings, though I have always been an early riser and having the ability to start work early in the morning really excites me. I can start work before the sun has risen and made a difference before a lot of people have started work. These early starts also allow me to have lunch at home with most of the family when previously I would have been working.


Real Connection – I love working with people so closely. To really be able to help someone with their fitness they need to trust you and open up to you. In doing so you really connect with them and build a friendship that makes the sessions fun and engaging. Some days clients are having a hard day and I can be an ear to listen and others they are celebrating successes. It is so good to ride alongside their life journey even for a short while.


Have Fun – How many jobs can you say you’ve had where you can have fun. Exercise can be hard work, though it should always be fun. One of the best compliments I got recently was that they sessions flew by as we were talking all the way through. This helps the client take their mind off the “hard” work and start building a good and healthy relationship with exercise.


There is nothing more meaningful than having a job that creates a positive impact in people’s lives. I feel so privileged that this is the role I have and can wake up every morning excited to go to work.


Yours in happiness and health


Love what you do; Do what you love!

Wayne Dyer